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This color-coordinated collection of measuring tools will meet the many specific measuring needs of the sewist. Whether taking body measurements, checking seam allowances, drawing circles or scallops, or marking placement for pleats and tucks, these tools will provide the accuracy needed during the sewing design and construction journey.

  • Set includes measuring gauge, 8" see-thru ruler, 6" seam gauge, and 36" tape measure
  • Unique, double-sided metal measuring gauge is easy to hold in your hand and is marked with 14 of the most often used measurements from 1/8" to 2"
  • Flexible, see-thru ruler includes 1/8" grid, 8" ruler with 1/16" markings, and 1/2" spaced holes used for centering
  • Traditional 6" seam gauge with sliding marker with built-in holes to assist with drawing scallops and circles
  • Easy-to-handle, 36" flexible "yardstick" tape measure with yardage markings and centering ruler

How to Use:

Measuring Gauge - Use to make quick checks of seam allowance and other measurements while sewing.- Flip gauge over to find needed measurement; turn gauge to measurement for use.

See-Thru Ruler - Use for accurate positioning, marking, and measuring.- Inch marked holes down center of ruler provide guidance for buttonhole placement and other spacing needs.

Seam Gauge - For measuring and marking hems, seam allowances, buttonholes, pleats and tucks and for drawing scallops and circles.- Move sliding marker to align fabric edge with required measurement.

Tape Measure - Provides length of a yardstick but features the feel and flexibility of a tape measure. Built-in centering ruler and convenient yardage markings

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