kzstevens - Hand Stitched Round Bottom Bag

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Approximate finished dimensions: 6" round bottom x 7" tall [15.2 x 17.8 cm]

This pattern is similar in style to my Modern Japanese Rice Pouch, but it has a round bottom and additional tabs for closure. It is entirely hand sewn, allowing for a slower, more intentional sewing experience.

This design is inspired by the Japanese Komebukuro, a traditional pouch used in Japan to carry rice offerings to the temple during religious ceremonies, or to hold gifts destined for a close friend or relative.

This bag is entirely hand sewn. The small size makes it a perfect project for a quiet afternoon of stitching. Keep it simple with a solid panel for the sides, or have fun piecing the exterior, stitching on favorite textile patches, or making your own marks with embroidery floss. You can make ornate or unadorned, the choice is yours. And as a bonus it is completely reversible!

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