How to Sew Clothes: An All Well Guide by Amelia Greenhall and Amy Bornman

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Learn to sew simple, stylish, wear-everywhere garments with How to Sew Clothes: each chapter is filled with super-easy instructions and patterns written for sewists of all skill levels

"If you can sew a straight line, you can sew anything (and, in this book, we’ll teach you how to sew a straight line!). We will help you get started from scratch, with detailed sewing instructions and techniques that will soon become second nature. We'll explain why you’re doing things, and when it is important to do things a certain way, and when you can improvise and not worry! We’ll tell you everything you need to know to sew your own clothes and bags—and to have fun in the process." — Amelia Greenhall and Amy Bornman, @AllWellWorkshop

Whether you are just learning how to sew or want to reignite your excitement for sewing,
How to Sew Clothesmakes sewing feel possible. Amelia and Amy's illustrated guidance and conversational how-tos feel just like an inviting, in-person workshop. This book will have you wanting to sew every project (and will give you all the tools to make it happen). It is also a great read, even when you aren’t in the mood to sew. How many sewing books can say that?

Inside, you’ll find an envelope full of pattern sheets and very detailed instructions to guide you through the process of making simple tops, dresses, a jacket, and a coat that will become wardrobe essentials. (Patterns have bust circumferences 32–62" / 81–157 cm.) Several of All Well’s bestselling, downloadable sewing patterns are included, in print for the first time! Pick up this book and learn essential skills such as how to choose fabrics, read patterns, and cut out pattern pieces and sew them together, as well as how to backstitch, assess fit, and learn from what you make. There are also instructions for making bags that will fit you and your style just right.
How to Sew Clothes will help you learn to make clothes you love to wear—and have fun in the process.

208 pages

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