Get Inside Your Machine: w/Anita, Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance

Dates: MON March 25 6-7:30 pm
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Let's learn how to prevent expensive repair fees by learning to take care of your machine's basic maintenance. Tips and tricks on keeping your machine running smoothly. We'll go over basics like; how to inspect, proper needle use, cleaning, oiling (if needed), and checking timing. 

Supplies: Bring these items 
-Working Sewing machine, no sergers please
-Philips Screwdrivers, various sizes (we will have some to share)
-Standard, flat head screwdrivers, various sizes (we will have some to share)
  **If you don't have a variety of screwdrivers you can use ours until     you learn which screwdrivers work in your machine
-cleaning rag, or paper towels
-small paint brush or machine cleaning brush (available for purchase at the shop)
-scrap fabric
-Cell phone for light source or flashlight
Skill level: Beginner
Instructor: Anita
**Please note! If you machine is still under warranty you may want to check your warranty to see how far you can dive into the workings of your machine. Some warranties are explicit about servicing only through your specific brand dealership. This class does not teach professional servicing, just deep cleaning.
Also, We are a Juki dealership so no worries if you have a new or old Juki.


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