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#weloveourcustomers COVID-19 Alert! Evidence has shown that wearing a protective mask can help. Sew yourself a mask. Click here to see our blog!


Sewing Face Masks: Vital information!

Sewing Face Masks: Vital information!

Please SEW Masks! If you have a pattern for mask use it but we have one below that is quick and easy.

**And please wear a mask when you go out of your house in public places.**

We are all in this together. 

We have mask drop off box on our front steps 11-4 Monday-Saturday. We are currently delivering to Franklin County EMS, Dr. Sarah Ashbridge (our EMS connection) and Central Ohio Mental Health Facilities.


Some extra tips:

-Jersey knit like that of a t-shirt can be cut into strips for ties or used in place of elastic

-Several patterns for masks are listed below. We are not experts on this so we suggest trying different ones to see which one works best for you with the supplies you have. There are many more mask patterns on the internet. Try one design before you mass produce.


 This mask pattern has been requested by the Franklin County Dept of Emergency Medical Services. 

Free Video  and free pattern link. Comes in many sizes. Thank you "ITHINKSEW"

Two patterns from Regional Medical Center in Manchester, both with a pocket for a filter: 

Free pattern: Joost De Cock (Old Dutch for “The Cook”) started the FreeSewing Open Source Project from his home in the Netherlands to provide free sewing patterns. Recently, his wife who is a surgeon started seeing potential shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE). Joost knew what to do, so he posted it to FreeSewing in late February. People thought he was being silly as a handmade mask would never be used by professionals.

This mask is designed by a nurse and can fit either directly on the face or over an N95 filter:

A roundup of five different mask patterns with instructions for making them:


If you can, please use elastics which do not contain latex. They can be deadly to people with latex allergies, fabric ties are preferable if you don’t know the latex content of your elastic. 

From what we have heard from providers the best option is

  • New, prewashed, tightly woven 100% cotton canvas or duck cloth exterior
  • 100% cotton flannel interior
  • Include a pocket that providers can put a removable filter in. 

  • Additional Resources:

    A roundup of patterns, tutorials, and requests for donations on the eQuilter website. 

    Crafters Against Covid-19 Facebook Group

    A Google Doc roundup of best practices, research, and calls for donations.

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    Holiday Gift Guide 2019


    It’s that time of year again! Time for giving and receiving. And who doesn’t like to receive something from Sew to Speak? Below is a quick list of gift ideas that are perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Sorry no power tools, but we can suggest a sewing machine. 


    Cohana Mini Scissors. We just can't seem to keep these snips in stock! They keep selling out and we keep reordering. These magical scissors cut amazingly by pinching lightly. Despite their small size, these cute mini-scissors have great cutting ability and bring hours of joy.  



    Sew Tites. Magnetic pins? SOLD! Say goodbye to laborious pinning - these super strong magnets keep your fabrics aligned and allow you to sew right past them without removing them. You can use them on cork or leather in place of pins!  Highly recommended for Noodlehead Pattern fans.


    Cozy Blue Embroidery Kits.  Great stocking stuffer. This kit comes with everything included (except scissors but we sell those too.) Patterns for all taste, season and holiday. Can be stashed in a purse or bag. Slow down, get cozy and stitch. 


    Wrist Ruler. A fun leather wristband is also an emergency ruler when you need to measure something in a pinch. These leather wristbands have engraved inch and centimeter measurements and come in a variety of colors.  


    Enamel Pins. Sewist, knitters, crocheters and crafters are unanimous in showing love for their craft and cute things. Presenting enamel pins! Brighten the day of your favorite hobbyist with a tiny otter, little scissors that say “Fabric Only” or a spool of thread labeled “Sewist.” 


    Moda Cut and Sew Kits. Share your love of sewing with a child in your life. These fun pre-printed kits range from total beginner to more advanced projects, and have everything you need (or almost everything) to get started on an adorable stuffed animal, pet bed, zipper pouch and more! 



    Juki Sewing Machine. One question we get asked at least once a day is, “What sewing machine do you recommend for kids?” We have two great sewing machines that won’t break the bank and have a solid warranty. The HZL-70 HW-A or “Little Hazel” is a little sewing machine that packs a punch. It is portable, which makes it great for classes, and durable, loved by kids and adult beginners. The next machine is a step up from “Little Hazel,” the Hzl-LB5100. The LB5100 is easy to use, threads in a cinch and comes with over 80 stitch patterns. As always, you have unlimited sewing machine support from one of the best shops around if you have any questions. 


    If you want a perfect gift for an adult sewer or quilter, the Juki TL-18 is one of our best sellers. At $100 off regular price, this quality machine can light up your Christmas morning!

    Kids Classes. What is a better gift than the gift of sewing. Here at Sew to Speak we take pride in offering a solid kids’ sewing program. Taught by Kathy Copland, kids leave with a new found confidence in the textile art of sewing after the first class. Pillow cases, pj pants, zipper pencil pouches, messenger bags . . . the project list keeps on growing and you know what? More classes are to come. We recommend buy a gift card for the price of the class so the kids can work the classes into their busy schedules after the holidays.

    The Crochet and Knitter In Your Life

    Lykke Needle Sets. Lykke in Norweigen means happiness and boy do these needle sets bring joy. Coveted by hookers (the crochet kind) and knitters, these gorgeous wooden interchangeable needle and hook sets can be the last needles you or your special person will ever need to buy. With a range of gages, the tips screw on to flexible wires, allowing you a nearly infinite combination of sizes and lengths. And unlike plastic “pop in” interchangeable needle sets, these screws are secure, and won’t come loose in the middle of a project. 

     Each kit comes with a variety of sizes and a fun pouch to keep it all together. 

    The Quilter 


    Fabric Bundles. All quilters love a good fat quarter bundle! They are perfect for adding some color to a large project, or can be the foundation for any quilt without the frustration of picking coordinating fabric. The Robert Kaufman, Kona Cotton bundle is a shop favorite and has a ton of colors that perfectly blend together . For the more whimsical quilter, Heather Ross’ Far Far Away 2 has been a hot item. Who can say no to paper boats and honey bears? Never forget, quilters love to add cute fabric to their hoard, oops I mean collection. 


    New to Sewing, Knitting and Crocheting?

    Classes. Yes we have a class for that!  We offer classes from “never touched a needle” to confident sewist looking to expand their skills. For sewing we have 2 great starter classes, Sewing 101 and Sewing School. Sewing 101 is great for that person that just wants to dip their toe in and see if sewing is for them. Sewing School is a 6 week course that allows a person to dive right into the world of sewing and walk out a seasoned pro. We also offer knitting 101, crochet 101 and bag making classes. So give the gift that keeps on giving, because next year you might receive an awesome handmade gift in return. 

    Still Have No Idea? Keep reading...

    Gift Cards. When in doubt give a gift card. Starting in the amount of $10 you can never go wrong with a gift card and they never expire. So if you are uncertain what type of yarn to buy your friend? Gift Card. If you think Mom wants a new sewing machine for Christmas but don’t remember which model? Gift Card. If your wife has her eye on a few patterns and is thinking about making a top? Gift Card. 

    Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to YOU!!

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    Holiday Ornament Contest

    We are excited to announce our 2019 holiday contest. This year will be an ornament contest. Adults and Kids can enter.


    The Official Contest Rules:


    1. Your ornament must be completely handmade (sewn, knitted, crocheted, felted, etc) by you. It can be a combination of sewing, knitting, felting, etc. It can have other embellishments such as embroidery, buttons, ribbon, etc. 
    2. Ornaments must be made from Sew To Speak fabric, felt or yarn.
    3. They can be as small as you like but no bigger than 9 x 9 inches.
    4. You can use a pattern, book, or create your own.
    5. Ornaments must stay at the shoppe until December 23th and then they are yours to take home.
    6. Please label the ornament with your name and phone number. If you are under 18 please include your age.
    7. All entries must be in by close (8pm) Saturday, December 8th. One entry per person.



    At our holiday party, we will give one Team Choice Award of a $50 gift card, one Customer Choice Award for a $25 gift card and one Honorable Mention a $25 gift card. We will have special prizes for the kids who enter.

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    Sienna Maker's Jacket with Jessica Waldegar

    Fall Sienna Makers Jacket by Closet Case Patterns


    I’ve been on a roll with jacket making lately. Having tried several patterns and styles, it really helped me to pinpoint what I like and what I don’t really care for on a jacket. When the Sienna Makers jacket was released, I had ALL the heart eyes for it! Nice classic lines, several variations with unique closure details, comfortable looking fit and easy to sew. The best news is the pattern itself held up to all my excited expectations. 

    I’ve found Closet Case patterns in general, to be well drafted with clear instructions and lots of user friendly illustrations. I’ve been incorporating more and more of them into my collection lately, as they’ve been releasing some wonderful patterns. The Sienna will be a fun challenge for newer sewists and a wonderful workhorse piece that comes together pretty quickly (as far as jackets go) for those more advanced. In Ohio this is a great outwear garment for Fall and Spring weather, and a nice layering piece to wear when the temperatures drop more. 

    For my jacket here, I chose version A. This is the longer length version with the belt. This style lends itself well to the corduroy fabric, which holds the lines and shape nicely. I’ve been thrilled to see corduroy making a comeback lately. It’s a wonderful substrate that’s easy to wear, and easy to care for. 

    The Robert Kaufman corduroy, dare I say, is a perfect fabric for the Sienna! It’s crisp with a bit of structure without ever being bulky or cumbersome to sew or wear. There was no fighting with the fabric at any portion of sewing, which when making a jacket, is sometimes the case. The beautiful rust shade is pretty much the color I imagine when I think of the Fall here with the leaf colors shifting to lovely oranges, yellows and browns. Warm and beautiful, it will compliment many outfits and color combinations as well as skin tones. There are a few other colors available, each just as pretty as the last, that would look fabulous also. The fabric is sturdy and I think it will hold up well to wear over time. This is definitely something important be considered when choosing fabrics for outerwear. 

    I  cautiously decided to skip the interfacing on this one. Fusible interfacing was out because of the ironing required and the corduroy. I debated sew in vs. skipping it for about a day and think it worked out well with my decision. My fear with the sew in interfacing was it would be too stiff in the area I added it and stand away from the rest of the garment because the fabric already had quite a bit of body. The other thing I chose to not add was the interior pocket. I didn’t want the stitching to show through on the front of the fabric and knew the other large pockets would be plenty of space for my needs. 

    My favorite features of the pattern is the belt closure. It’s a fun detail that you’re not seeing everywhere on other patterns. I love how it’s constructed and it’s very comfortable to wear  once finished. I do like that it can be tied closed in the front or left open by back tying and looks just as good either way.

    Fantastic pattern that you can get lots of different looks out of just by switching fabrics substrates and versions. I have my eye on version C next... yes there will be several more of these beauties in the future, for me! 


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    The Sparkle Skirt (Christmas 2016)

    I love simple, quick sewing projects that produce a big effect. This season I have been playing with gathered skirts using elastic that is exposed. Pictured below is Aelyn, my granddaughter in one that took about an hour to sew. Continue reading