Whether there was a class you weren't able to attend or you just wish to have focused, individualized instruction, Private Lessons might be a good option for you. Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge to share and our scheduled classes just scratch the surface. Private lessons don't have to be taken alone, though. They are also a great idea for a small group of friends.  Grab your best friends, bring some refreshments, and get crafty together. This would be a great idea for a birthday celebration, too, or any special event.

Before we begin, head to our teacher bio page to meet our teachers. The guide below is meant to inspire ideas for classes that could work for you, but the options aren't limited to what we have included here. Read through our Teacher Bios and contact any teacher who you think could meet your needs.

Rachel Wallis is our expert in-house quilter.

Rachel is an artist and activist who leads multi-week classes that focus on quilt designs that inspire and tell a story.

Rachel can be contacted for private versions of her classes if you prefer that over a group setting. However if you have a quilting project in the works and need help with just one aspect, she would be able to schedule a lesson with you. 

Quilting Private Lesson Ideas:

  • Fabric Planning and Cutting
  • Piecing
  • Making a "quilt sandwich"
  • Domestic Machine Quilting
  • Hand Quilting
  • Focus on a Quilting style: Traditional, modern, improvisational, and fine art
  • Binding
  • Repair Work

Contact Info:
Rachel Wallis: rachel.a.wallis@gmail.com

Kathy Copeland, Mallory Theiss, and Haley Loudin teach a variety of sewing classes that cover a range of skills and projects. Kathy leads our Sewing School, a 6 week course where you will learn the basics on how to use your machine and make beginner projects like pillow cases and drawstring bags. She also teaches a variety of kids classes! If your child wants to learn how to sew, Kathy is the person to talk to.

Mallory teaches beginner sewing in single session classes. She focuses on cute but simple home projects like an envelope pillow or zipper pouch. 

Haley is our animal lover who teaches classes to make adorable items for your pets! Ped beds, leashes, coats, and costumes are her specialty.  She also teaches a sewing skill building class that would make a wonderful private lesson option for the beginner sewist!

Any of these ladies would be a good choice to contact if you would like to get started in learning the skill of sewing and need individualized instruction. The projects they teach are perfect for practicing your new skill on an item that will be useful in your daily life.

Sewing Private Lesson Ideas:
  • How to use your Sewing Machine
  • How to read and use a sewing pattern
  • Sewing a straight vs. curved line
  • Make a simple project of your choice: pillow case, zipper pouch, etc
  • Mommy and Me Sewing
  • Coaching on a particular aspect of your current sewing project

Contact Info:
Kathy: katcope@yahoo.com
Mallory: mallorytheiss@gmail.com
Haley: haley.loudin@gmail.com

Tina Hughes teaches our Garment School, another 6 week course that will walk you through the process of 2 or 3 garments that you can proudly wear when you're done. If you would prefer a private lesson over a group setting, Tina would be happy to teach you to make any garment of your choice. But, like quilting, sometimes folks need instruction on one particular aspect of garment construction. Tina would be available to set up a private lesson to cover certain aspects of garment construction.

Garment Sewing Private Lesson Ideas:
  • Make a garment of your choice - start to finish
  • Fit issues - Altering a completed garment
  • Construction Help: Collars, Hemming, Finishing seams, etc
  • How to sew a curved hem
  • How to set in a sleeve
  • Focused pattern adjustment: Grading between sizes, Full or Small Bust, adjusting the crotch length/depth, etc
  • Pattern hacks - turn your favorite top into a dress, add a button placket, add sleeves
  • adding inseam pockets to your pattern
  • closures on garments, buttonholes, invisible zipper
  • ruffles and gathers

Contact Info:
Tina: tinamariehughes126@gmail.com

Jamie Stout teaches all of our knitting and crochet classes. If her scheduled classes don't fit into your personal schedule, you can contact her to set up a private version of any lesson she offers at a time that works better for you. She would also be open to offering instruction on a particular project that isn't currently offered if you have one in mind.

Jamie also hosts a weekly Open Stitch at the shop every Friday evening from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  This event is free of charge.  It's just an opportunity to work on your current project with others in a social setting.

Knitting and Crochet Private Lesson Ideas:

  • Knitting 101 - beginner's intro to knitting
  • Crochet 101 - beginner's intro to crochet
  • Make a knitted or crochet project of your choice, start to finish
  • How to cast on/cast off
  • Knit vs Purl stitches

Contact Info:
Jamie: jamiestout.mvnu@gmail.com

- Dyeing, Printing, Embroidery

Dr. Janette Knowles, Sabrina Ramsay, and Rachel Wallis offer some really fun classes in fabric dyeing, printing, and embroidery. Dr Janette Knowles is the Head of the Art and Design Dept. at Ohio Dominican University and a textile artist and educator. She leads some amazing classes on topics like Indigo Shibori dyeing and the History of the Japanese Tradition of Boro Stitching (a.k.a. visible mending). She cultivates dye plants to make natural dyes to use in her work and classes. Rachel also uses natural dyes in some of her quilting classes and offers block printing classes as well. Sabrina leads our embroidery classes teaching basic stitches and also garment embroidery, all by hand. If any of these areas interest you, contact one of these talented ladies to discuss your options for a private lesson.

Hand Craft Private Lesson Ideas:

  • Embroidery - certain stitches or designs of your choice
  • Block printing on paper and fabric
  • Fabric dyeing, including natural dyes, indigo and shibori
  • Screen Printing
  • Tie Dye Methods

Contact Info:
Janette: knowlesj@ohiodominican.edu
Sabrina (only available in the summer months): sabrina.ramsay15@gmail.com
Rachel: rachel.a.wallis@gmail.com

Private lessons are subject to each teacher's personal lesson fees. Contact the teacher of your choice to discuss scheduling and pricing options. Private lessons are held at the shop and are subject to space availability.