Here at Sew to Speak, we offer a wide variety of wonderful classes thanks to our incredible teachers.  Each teacher brings a different range of skills and knowledge to help you hone and grow your sewing and crafting skills.  In addition to our scheduled classes, each teacher is available for Private Lessons too.  Contact any teacher to arrange a private lesson to suit your needs.  For more info on Private Lessons, CLICK HERE.



Kathy Copeland has been sewing for herself and others for most of her life, beginning with doll clothes at age 6 to complete wardrobes for herself by Junior High.  She graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Home Economics Education with a background in Clothing and Textiles, then went on to teach Middle and High School classes for 30 years.  Teaching at Sew To Speak has given her an opportunity to share her experience and skills and inspire others to fall in love with sewing as well.

Classes: Sewing School, Kids 101, Kids Pajamas, Kids Pencil Pouch, Kids Stuffed Animal, Summer Camp - Beginner, Summer Camp - Intermediate




Janette Knowles, Ph.D. is the Head of the Art and Design Dept. at Ohio Dominican University and a textile artist and educator. She cultivates dye plants for her own work in her urban garden in Merion Village in Columbus, Ohio and on her fifth generation family farm in Granger, Ohio. She regularly teaches classes on natural dye techniques, mark-making with stitches, and color in textiles at Sew to Speak.





Tina Hughes is a fashion designer with a love of all things vintage , up-cycling, and designing green. She has been a part of the fashion and entertainment industries where she has shown on the runway around the US including New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. Tina has been a theater and film designer and stylist working on numerous projects on tight deadlines and casts numbering up to 100. Her passion is in finding beauty in creating staple items with timeless style that have been inspired from her love of historical trends over the centuries. Combined with a desire to create a more sustainable world, she combines classic style with organics and fair trade materials. Tina is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology of New York and Columbus College of Art and Design. 

Classes: Garment School 1, Garment School 2, Sewing Skill Building 4, Sewing Skill Building 5




Mallory Theiss has been working in the fabric and craft industry for fifteen years, specializing in customer service, marketing and project management. She has a passion for sewing, hand embroidery, and just about anything that involves fabric. She has been teaching sewing to friends and family in the past but she loves the opportunity to share her knowledge and skills with her local community as well.  Currently she lives in Westerville, Ohio while serving clients locally and across the country. She has three children, five sewing machines, and a stash of fabric that would make Tim Gunn blush.

Classes: Sewing 101: Envelope Pillow, Sewing 102: Zipper Pouch, Fabric Basket, Handbag School




Rachel Wallis is an artist, activist, and quilter. Originally from Cleveland, Rachel has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Lillstreet Art Center, and the Chicago Public Library, and has served as artist in residence at A Studio in the Woods, Project Nia, and the Currier Museum. She teaches a wide range of machine and hand quilting classes, including art quilts, map quilts and improvisational quilting. She also teaches embroidery, garment and bag sewing, fabric dyeing, linoleum block printing, and screen printing.

Classes:  Embroidery 101, Quilting School 1, Quilting School 2, Quilted Laptop Case




Haley Loudin is an experienced sewer with over 20 years of expertise in both knit and woven products. The technical knowledge she gained from her Fashion Design degree at Kent State University landed her a career in the apparel industry as a Technical Fashion Designer. While she has a passion for pattern making and teaching sewing to all age groups, her favorite thing to do is sew Halloween costumes for her dog, Hamilton.

Classes: Sewing Skill Building 1, SSB2, SSB3




During a cold, long winter in Northern Michigan, Liz and her daughters decided to learn how to knit.  The initial challenge to wrangle those two needles & yarn lead to a passion that hasn't stopped!  Almost 20 years later, Liz continues to find joy, satisfaction & relaxation in her creative pursuits with knitting, felting and sewing.  Although new to the Sew To Speak team, she has had the privilege of sharing her knowledge & love of knitting with many dear people from elementary age to senior adults. As a former high school teacher, Liz is eager to meet, encourage, and work with students of all ages & backgrounds to pursue their crafting goals.

Classes: Knitting 101, Knit Hat: Her Beanie




Sabrina Ramsay was born and raised in Worthington in a very creative family full of makers. She learned how to sew from her mom, but in high school she picked up hand embroidery and is self-taught through embellishing her own wardrobe. Through hand embroidery, she has learned how to breathe new life into everything from face masks to customized jeans, and has found embroidering to be a reliable way to decompress. Join Sabrina in a hand embroidery class this summer, she would love to meet you!

Classes: Embroidery 101, Linework in Embroidery, Hand Embroidery on Denim