Folk-tails by Sue Spargo

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Folk-tails by Sue Spargo

Finished Quilt Size 37-1/2x43-1/2in. Wool applique, layering, and embroidery quilt. The Folktails Story of Africa is deeply embedded in my soul. It was important to me that this piece encompassed each and every memory, and that once finished, it was a vast canvas that told my story without a single word needing to be expressed. Along with the design I wanted to incorporate everything I have come to love as a designer of 12 years. My love of the vibrant colors, hand dyed wools, creating dimension with layering of velvets and textural fabrics along with my new found love for creative embroidery. Consumed with this need I sat down with pen and paper and sketched, Folk-tails, a piece of my soul.

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