Farmer's Daughter Fibers: Wool Wash - Multiple Scents

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Get those woolens clean, silky, soft, and smooth! Made with natural lanolin and Castile soap, our wool wash helps your knits get to a natural state of softness. No rinse formula. 8oz bottles come with a sprayer.

Ingredients: Water, natural lanolin, pure Castile soap, tea tree oil, essential oils

4oz bottles: In a washtub of room temp water add 1 capful of Wool Wash until the water feels silky. Add hand knit item and soak for 5 - 20 minutes. Empty water and gently squeeze (do not wring) out excess water. Roll the item in an absorbent towel to remove additional moisture. Lay knits flat to dry on blocking mats or large plastic bags. No rinse needed.

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