Bobbiny Basket by Wool Intentions

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Learn to crochet a rope basket with this adorable Bobbiny Basket! Named after the recommended fiber for this project, Bobbiny Junior (3mm cord) and Bobbiny Jumbo (9mm cord).

Recommended Hook:
US J / 10 (6mm)

Additional Materials:
Locking Stitch Marker

This basket is worked in a continuous spiral. A stitch marker placed at the beginning of the round helps to keep track of each round.

This pattern includes instruction on how to crochet your Main Color (MC) around your Contrast Color (CC) cord.

While this project calls for one full bundle of both Bobbiny Junior (MC) and Bobbiny Jumbo (CC), one basket only uses a small amount of cord, so there will be plenty of Bobbiny left over for more baskets or future projects.

Note: Gauge isn’t super important for this project, but for reference, the base of my basket is 5.75.”

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