Temperature Blankets

One trend for 2021 that we have been hearing about our temperature blankets. What is a temperature blanket? It is a knit, crocheted or quilt block blanket that reflects the high and/or low temperature of each day for a year. Yes, 365 rows, hexes or blocks !!!! 

How to get started: 

  • Figure out what medium you want to use and technique 
  • Pick your color palate and assign a color to a temperature range. You can use a large variety of colors or just a few. 
  • Each day look up the daily high and/or low temperature and get started 

Need some inspiration, join Jamie in creating a crocheted blanket. 

Pattern: Little Granny Hexes, by Traci Bee

Materials: Woolstock, Blue Sky Fibers, Hook size G, 4.25 

Colors being used

  • 0-35 degrees Rusted Roof 
  • 36-60 degrees Thermal Spring
  • 61-75 degrees Quartz Crystal
  • 76-90 degrees Earth Ivy
  • 91+ degrees  Ember Glow
  • Main Color: Drift Wood
  • Border Color: Gray Harbor

Late to the party? Don't worry, you can always look up the weather of previous days. 

Temperature blankets

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Elyse Rister

Elyse Rister

To the sewtospeakshoppe.com administrator, You always provide great examples and real-world applications.

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