Natural Dyeing and Sustainable Fibers on the Lawn

Dates: SUN Sept 19th, 1-4pm
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Natural dyes are colorants derived from plants, insects, minerals, or fungi. They have a beauty and depth of color that cannot quite be obtained with synthetic dyes and they are much kinder to the environment. While dyes produced from chemicals tend to be more vibrant and sharper, the warm, soothing colors that come from natural dyes display harmony in any combination and become even more beautiful with age. Participants will learn about the rich history of natural dyeing as well as some of the processes from mordanting, foraging for natural dyestuffs in your own environment, how different fibers provide different results, and the actual dyeing of natural fiber.  All materials will be provided though students should provide scissors, rubber gloves if desired, and a plastic bag in which to carry home dyed fiber. 

Teacher: Dr. Janette Knowles 

Date: Sunday Sept 19th, 1-4 PM. Optional rain date will be selected if needed 

Teaching Method: In Person outside on the lawn of Sew to Speak

Cost and Kit: $85  (Class will be $50 and kits $35- Each kit will have a variety of samples of natural fibers- silks, linens, hemps, cotton, and wool)



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