Kids Sewing: Me and My Doll or Pet!

Dates: FRI March 18-25th, 6-8pm
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Our capsule wardrobe theme this month is Mommy and Me, so we have to include kids and their fur babies and doll babies, too! In this class spanning 2 weeks, your child will create a simple elastic waist skirt for themselves, and make a bandana to fit to their pet or a doll skirt to match.  The doll skirt fits any 18in doll! 

Sewing Level: Beginning sewing skills.  

Skirt and bandana patterns are included in cost of class

Supplies Needed (not included.  Need to be purchased ahead of time.  Students receive a 15% discount when purchasing supplies at Sew to Speak!)

1.5 yards Quilting cotton, any print or color your child likes

1 yard 1/2 inch Elastic

Matching Thread

Teacher: Haley

Teaching Method: in person

  Class Cancellation Policy

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