Introduction to Indigo Shibori on the Lawn

Dates: SAT June 25th, 1-4pm
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Participants should bring three yards of white quilting cotton that has been washed with detergent and dried in a dryer (with no dryer sheet), scissors, a pair of rubber gloves (any kind, even disposable medical ones), and a roll of cheap dental floss. All other materials are provided.

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that dates back to the 8th century. The word "shibori" itself is derived from the verb "shiboru," which, loosely translated, means "to press, wring, or squeeze." Traditionally, a white or undyed natural cloth  (usually silk, hemp, or cotton) was meticulously folded, wrapped, clamped with wood, or stitched  and then dipped into a natural indigo dye. The folds, wraps, stitching, etc.  act as a resist and the indigo does not penetrate the cloth completely which results in the creation of glorious patterns in the brilliant blue of the indigo and the natural color of the cloth.

Dr. Janette Knowles, art professor and gallery director at Ohio Dominican University and maker-artist, will introduce workshop participants to the history of indigo shibori (and it’s a rich one, for sure!) and then demonstrate five historic shibori techniques which students can then use to dye their own yardage for future projects, a wrap for the late days of summer, or a quilt!

Teacher: Dr. Janette Knowles 

Teaching Method: In Person outside



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