Meadow Embroidery Sampler

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Inspired by the handful of wildflower seeds that I haphazardly threw into my garden, this sampler celebrates flowers that grow every which way. My meadow is a small raised bed in a Portland front yard. Yours might be out on a long walk, or in a box in your city windowsill. I've stitched the sample version in backstitch and running stitch. I can't wait to see what stitches and colors you pick out for your flower garden. The possibilities are endless.

The sampler arrives preprinted on cotton quilting fabric, ready to stitch and includes basic instructions. You provide your own threads, needles, and hoop.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not embroidered, but ready to be embroidered by YOU. The pictures show one way to fill in the design, but you can choose whatever colors/threads you like.

What size is it?

This Sampler measures approximately 8" x 9".

What thread should I use?

We use a combination of size 8 perle cotton and/or embroidery floss.

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