Kylie and the Machine: Festive Bauble Set - Pink

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9x New Woven Labels:

1x Good Things Take Time (33mm x 40mm)

1x Sun/Hot (16mm x 22.5mm)

1x Made Slow & Well (20mm x 22.5mm)

1x No Toile Club (32mm x 30mm)

1x HomeMade (23mm x 25mm)

1x You Can't Buy This | End Fold (25mm x 28mm)

1x Feasting Attire (48mm x 16mm)

1x Good Enough (52mm x 10mm)

1x You Are My World (29mm x 16mm)

1 in 4 Baubles include bonus label:

Fancy (53mm x 38mm) 


1x KATM Mini Limited Edition Label Gauge:

Colour: Fluro Orange Acrylic with black printing

Size: 50mm x 40mm

1x KATM Limited Edition Enamel Pin:

Sewing Club by KATM

Colours: Pastel Yellow, Pink & Apricot with Black enamel

Size: 30mm x 20mm plus 7mm charm

Materials: Iron, Soft Enamel, Black Paint metal finish

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