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Kits by Laura Krugh of Dayton, Ohio

These kits have everything you need to naturally-dye your very own mini skein! Dyeing fiber with natural materials can be a fun project for crafters, artists, and naturalists of all ages. The Natural Dye Kit contains 1 mini skein of premordanted (in alum) white wool yarn, 1 pack of dye material, and detailed instructions for how to dye your yarn! The materials used in these dye kits are not uncommon so you'll gain familiarity with using a material that you could acquire in your own area in the future.

This kit could be a perfect gift for a friend interested in dyeing, for a child who is interested in plants, chemistry, or yarn, or a fun experiment for yourself!

Natural dyeing is not always an exact science (which adds to its mystery and beauty), so you may achieve colors or tones that vary slightly from what the images display. However, you will definitely get some unusual, interesting color!

Once your yarn is dyed, you'll have a unique yarn for future projects. It could be used for any number of smaller projects or as a special feature or detail within a larger project.

All of the dye material is grown and harvested on Laura's land and dried and packaged by Laura (with the exception of the cochineal and turmeric). A very earthy kit!


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