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Phoenix Quilt Pattern

Purple Pineapple Studio

Phoenix Quilt Pattern


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Printed on a 5" x 7" glossy folded card.

Finished size: 50" x 60"

Fabric Requirements:

  • Aqua - 2/3 yd
  • Navy - 1 yd
  • Beige - 1 2/3 yd
  • Orange - 1/3 yd
  • Binding - 1/2 yd
  • Back - 3 1/4 yd

Phoenix is different from other patterns which come printed on 5x7 postcards. The instructions for Phoenix are a little more involved so it comes printed on a 10x7 card folded into a 5x7 greeting card size. But don't worry! It's still as fast and easy as all of the other Purple Pineapple patterns!