By Hand Lookbook 5: Michigan's Great Lakes

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By Hand: Making Communities Lookbook No. 5 explores Michigan's Great Lakes, from the Caribbean blue waters of Lake Michigan, to Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, and on up to the Upper Peninsula and the shores of the deep and mysterious Lake Superior. Farmland and cornfields, old wooden barns and apple orchards, pebble beaches and sandy dunes, groves of birch trees and small lakes hidden by morning mist all create a beautiful backdrop for our next series on makers and their community.

By Hand chats with yarn dyers Plucky Knitter and Why Knot Fibers, and knitwear designers Andrea Mowry and Jill Zielinski; tours LYS Wool & Honey; taste tests at Fresh Coast Chocolate Co; and marvels at the handcrafted beauty of Leelanau Trading Co's leather and woodworking. We travel from the metropolis of Grand Rapids, where the internationally acclaimed ArtPrize is underway, to the small towns, historic fishing villages, and lighthouses of Leelanau Peninsula, then up across the waters of Lake Huron for an excursion to Mackinac Island, and finally to the beautiful solitude of the Upper Peninsula. Along the way, visit quilters and embroidery artists who use the natural setting of water, field, and forest as their inspiration and create works of art that create landscapes in thread and fabric.

Lookbook No 5 also includes the following projects and patterns that feature our makers' materials and sources of inspiration:

  • Sewing - Mackinac Jacket by Andrea Hungerford
  • Sewing - Sashiko Tote by Blair Stocker
  • Knitting - Leland Bluestone Cabled Popover (tunic) by Andrea Hungerford
  • Knitting - Montmorency Braided Lattice Hat by Alexandra Virgiel
  • Knitting - Petoskey Shores by Andrea Hungerford
  • Knitting - Oredock Shawl by Jill Zielinski
  • Knitting - Red Spire Ribbed Cardigan by Andrea Hungerford
  • Cooking - Salted Maple Caramel Fudge by Mary M. Hungerford
  • Jewelry Making - Memory Stone Pendant by Karen DeWitz

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