Puzzle Pink & Red Tencel Linen by Jennifer Bouron

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Puzzle Pink & Red Tencel Linen by Jennifer Bouron  x Nerida Hansen

Imported, Australia

Nerida Hansen TENCEL™ linen has a silky, soft feel, that is more luxurious than any other linen. It is breathable, lightweight and versatile with a standalone drape, making it an ideal choice for skirts, dresses, tops and sleepwear.

TENCEL™ is a cellulose fiber that is made from wood pulp (comes from sustainably grown forests), and because it is derived from a plant it is biodegradable. It is 50 per cent more absorbent than cotton and due to being breathable, it is less susceptible to odorous bacteria. The production process of this fabric has passed OEKO-TEX® certification.

Our fabrics are sold by the ¼ yard and kept as one continuous length

Minimum cut is ½ yard

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