Quilt Recipes by Jen Kingwell

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Quilt Recipes is a brilliant pairing of captivating, pieced projects and family favourite deserts from [Jen's] mum's kitchen. Enjoy the process of piecing and the challenge of finding, pairing, and arranging diverse patterns and countless colours together, especially those that make you uncomfortable.

Savour each kitchen recipe that has been timelessly tested, lovingly passed down and now fondly shared with like-minded soul stitchers.12 brilliant patchwork projects paired with eight of Jen's mum's favourite, delectable dessert recipes.

As quilters, stitchers and makers, we fill our souls with like-minded friendships, feed our souls with hand or machine stitching, and we love to treat ourselves and others to decadent desserts. Jen Kingwell's, Quilt Recipes, is a brilliant pairing of captivating pieced projects and delectable desserts. Whether you are a hand or machine piecer, one can relish in each recipe, whether it be a quilt or perhaps something sweet. Use a variety of patchwork techniques including, machine & hand piecing, hand applique, and hand quilting. Full-size paper patterns make template creation quick and simple.

192 pages

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