Sewing Skill Building 7 - Handbags - Interfacing and Fabrics

Dates: SUN Feb 26th, 12:30-3:30pm
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Welcome to our Sewing Skill Building (SSB) class series!  These classes are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help you grow as a home sewist.  You will be provided with a binder to keep all your personal notes and samples to refer back to when you sew at home.   All of our SSB classes are designed to be taken individually or as a series, whichever you prefer.  

In Sewing Skill Building 7, we will cover Fabrics and Interfacing, a core base of knowledge needed to make Handbags.  

One 3 hour session will cover information on various fabrics and interfacing types, their uses, and practice applying the interfacing.  You will receive swatches to keep in your binder for future reference. 

Included Supplies:

  • Binder (unless you already have one from another class)
  • Note pages and printed instructions
  • Swatches and notions

Students must bring:

  • Binder (if you already have one, otherwise you will receive one in class)
  • A pen

Teacher: Mallory Theiss

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