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Hooded Baby Towel and Wash Mitt

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Hooded Baby Towel and Wash Mitt

This relatively easy to sew duo would make a lovely handmade gift for a new baby or expecting mother. Plus they’re also a perfect chance to practice your bias tape binding skills!

Place the set in a sweet basket along with my very favorite baby soaps and it’s certain to be a cherished receiving gift.

This new 100% cotton, terry velour fabric is so soft and cuddly that it almost makes me want to have another baby just so I can snuggle him or her inside it…yeah I know, I’m constantly debating another baby. Oh, those tiny little fingers and toes… and adorable little animal prints, cuddly fabrics and cute baby projects are so tormenting. They certainly help to tally up the pro’s column in the poll I take in my mind.

Come to think of it, I have been oohing and ahhing over other peoples babies quite a bit lately, perhaps because mine is turning into such a big girl! :( Don’t tell her I said so though. She’s really into being small right now. She’s constantly saying “I’m tiny” and I say “Yes, you are. You’re my tiny girl.” ♥

She’s still my baby. She still lets me rock her and snuggle her. I tell her she’ll always be my baby, just like I remember my mother telling me. And she will be, just as I am. And we’ll all be our mothers babies in someway, no matter how big (or old) we grow.

Happy Mothers Day.



Here’s what you need:

  • 1 and 1/4 of terry velour (at least 44 inches wide) this will allow for shrinkage

  • One fun fat quarter, cotton print or a large enough scrap to cut an 11x11x16″ triangle, basically one of the corners of your towel. 

  • 140″ of bias tape or 1/2 yard of fabric to make your binding (since the towel has no curved edges I did NOT cut my tape strips on the bias, this saves both fabric and energy).

  • Coordinating thread

  • A rottery cuter, acrylic rule and cutting mat

  • Fabric shears

  • Pins

  • and a sewing machine

  • + scrap paper and pen for drafting your Wash Mitt templet

Here’s how it’s made:


The Towel



Select you fabrics. For this project I’ve used a 100% cotton, extra wide terry velour material from Richlin Fabric. It is wonderful because the terry side is nice and absorbent while the velour side is oh, so cuddly!! Also for this towel I’ve used a fun hedgehog print and a red gingham flannel, both from Michael Miller.

Pre-wash the fabric in warm water and try it in the dryer to get it pre-shrunk.

First: Cut a 34″x 34″ square from your terry velour. Due to the salvage edge you may not end up with an exact square, as long as it’s close it wont be noticeable.



From your printed cotton cut an 11″x11″x16″ triangle. Pay attention to the direction of the print. I’ve made my 16″ cut across the fabrics grain and two 11″ cuts on the bias so that when the hood is up the hedgies aren’t slanting sideways.



Cut another 11″x11″x16″ triangle from the terry.



Next with velour side up place your printed triangle face down on top. This way you will end up with a hood lined in extra soft velour, to be nice and gently on new baby skin. Pin bottom edge and stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Turn right sides out and press.



Trim off any little triangle tips that stick out or any other discrepancies between the two triangles. Then topstitch, a 1/4″ from edge, along the bottom of the hood.



Next aligned the hood with one of the towels right angles and pin.



Baste in place.



Trim any discrepancies.



Prepare binding either by cutting along the bias or selvage to selvage. You will cut your strips 2 inches wide. To see more details on attaching bias see previous blog post called How To: Attach Bias Tape.



Attach bias tape with mitered corners. Save your extra bias tape.



Trim out balk seam allowance around hood to allow the tape to neatly encase the raw edges. Finish your binding with the final topstitch, take your time neatly forming your mitered corners and making sure all raw edges are tucked in and well encased, if they are not fraying and unraveling might accrue during washing. Save you extra bias tape.



The Wash Mitt



First onto a scrap piece of paper, trace a rounded mitt shape about 2″ away from your hand all the way around. Note the mitt I drew here was only an inch larger then my hand and it fits very tightly. 2″ extra fits much better :)



Cut mitt shapes from your left over terry cloth.



Place velour sides together, terry sides facing out, pin and stitch 3/8″ from edge, leaving bottom open.



Trim seam allowance to about 1/8″-1/4″, being careful not to get too close to your stitches. Turn velour side out and stitch another 3/8″ from edge.



Using the extra binding tape from your towel, begin attaching it to the open end of the mitt. First fold the sort raw end of the tape back and then pin around the perimeter, sew.



Take about 4″ of tape, top stitch closed, then fold length wise to make a loop. Stitch short ends together.



Turn mitt right (terry) side out.



Pin loop close to one of the side seams (but not all the way at the side seam to avoid too much bulk). Finally fold binding over raw the edges and topstitch to finish.




Happy Sewing and lovely weekends to you all! Snuggle your babies once for me,


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