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Emerald Dress with Jessica Waldegar

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The Emerald dress is a new pattern designed by Rae Hoekstra of Made by Rae fame, for the Desert edition of Making Magazine. It’s made to be sewn on the bias, which helps it lay beautifully across the body. This dress is a wise piece to add to your summer wardrobe list, as it can take you from lounging by the pool to an afternoon garden tea party, ending the evening with friends for drinks. Changing up the look with shoes and accessories give this dress many creative styling options and that’s something I always look for when selecting patterns, particularly in warm weather. 


Once the temperatures creep into the 80’s and beyond, I do not like to wear anything fitted to the body. My fit and flare dresses take a time out in the closet and looser garments get to shine on center stage. I enjoy that this dress is fitted through the sleeves and bodice, but floats away from the body after that. I won’t get over heated or worry about my dress sticking to me. It has  a lovely amount of ease, without it feeling “too” oversized, something I tend to watch out for with a curvier body shape. I made the size L/XL and will stick with that size for my next one, as it fit so well without any adjustments.




I’m always on the hunt for patterns that have a pretty v-neck which are not too low or high, and sit flat to the upper chest. This one fits the bill for me!  Another feature I really liked was having the facings sewn down. Nothing irritates me more than facings flapping around and popping out of a garment. Emerald has made those sewn down lines into a style accent.  I did make a small error in my neckline and sewed it with a 1/2 inch seam allowance rather than 1/4 inch called for. It’s made my neckline sit ever so slightly lower than drafted.  It was my own excitement and rushing that caused it, not a fault of the pattern. Read those directions kids, even if you think you know better!! The pockets do cause the dress to appear slightly fuller over the hip area. From teaching, I know that’s something that bothers some of you (I don’t mind at all) if that’s you, you may want to leave the pockets off for a cleaner line. 

The Boro Woven fabric collection is absolutely stunning. I had a hard time choosing between the designs, because I would truly wear every one of them. It’s creamy soft, with beautiful drape. My favorite color is blue, so I was more drawn to the indigo than the browns.  I selected this print because I thought it would play well with the bias cut that the Emerald calls for.  The patterning really drew attention to that detail, as I’d hoped. The fabric breathes so well, which makes it ideal for summer garment options. Looking put together and staying cool is my summer goal every year! 

Besides the Boro fabric, I think Emerald would also pair well with some Brussels Washer linen, double gauze or in rayon for a more adventurous sewer. Remember to follow the fabric grainlines on the pattern, and this is nice make for someone just starting to grow their handmade wardrobes. 


What can I say other than I LOVE this dress! 

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